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12月9日下午由沈阳市中小企业协会与中辰钢构联合举办纪念“一二·九”运动85周年冬季长跑燃动开跑。本次活动以“新勇气、引锐气、葆朝气”为主题,汇聚了沈阳中小企业的 长跑爱好者参加,爱尔泰医疗也派出了14位选手参赛。

18-12  2020

Fight The Epidemic, We Are With You.

14-02  2020

FIME is the largest international medical exhibition and conference in the world medical market.

25-06  2019

Shanghai CMEF had a perfect ending this year, and the exhibition is extremely popular, 

20-05  2019

The China International Medicinal Equipment Fair (CMEF) was launched in the year 1979

07-05  2019