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The Third China International Consumer Goods Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Consumer Expo) is being held in full swing in Haikou, Hainan Province. The Consumer Expo, which aims to share open opportunities and create a better life together, will assist in the recovery and upgrading of global consumption, which has attracted much attention from both domestic and foreign countries.Aerti Medical was invited by the Liaoning Department of Commerce to participate in the exhibition and brought multiple flagship oxygen generators to Haikou.

The Liaoning exhibition hall focuses on showcasing vivid images and grand scenes of the comprehensive revitalization of our province, presenting them in a concentrated manner"Intelligent innovation, full of charm and refreshing breeze, beautiful life, skilled craftsmanship, flavor of Liaoning, and fashionable wine drinking"The six major Liaoning characteristics fully integrate technology and fashion, tradition and classics across borders. More than a hundred selected products from over a hundred "time-honored" and "Liao time-honored" brands in our province, including intelligent equipment, intangible cultural heritage, and green agricultural products, have appeared at the Consumer Expo as the golden business card of Liaoning brands.

As a company specializing in the field of household respiratory healthcare, Aerti Medical has been deeply rooted in this field for many years and has achieved fruitful results.The Aerti Medical Booth is located at 6H04-042,This exhibition showcases products such as AE series oxygen generators, AR series oxygen generators, Thanksgiving oxygen generators, and APOC portable oxygen generators,It has characteristics such as high oxygen concentration, high stability, and low noise, suitable for patients undergoing home oxygen therapy and going out for oxygen inhalation, and can meet the needs of the majority of the population.

During the exhibition, there was a strong flow of people in front of the Altay Medical booth, attracting many exhibitors to stop and experience. The staff enthusiastically explained the working principle, usage methods, and product advantages of the oxygen concentrator to everyone. The detailed explanation further deepened the audience's understanding of Aerti Medical, and multiple cooperation intentions were reached during the exhibition.


This exhibition is a stage for Aerti Medical to showcase its brand image, innovative capabilities, and technological achievements both domestically and internationally. It provides Aerti Medical with the opportunity to provide better solutions for more hypoxic patients or those in urgent need of oxygen therapy, assist in the development of respiratory health, and help more patients alleviate their pain.


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