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Who is Aerti?

SHENYANG AERTI TECH Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of household medical equipment. The head quarters is located in Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Area, Liaoning province. The company was established in 2013, always take the responsibility of improving respiratory health, committed to providing high-quality respiratory medical equipment to global customers.

AERTI medical R&D have devoted to develop household PSA technology since 2000 year, with over 20 years experiences. We have developed the multiple medical household oxygen concentrator and professional measurement equipment, also the excellent project of cosmetic machine/ high-altitude machine/ozone machine/Diffuse oxygen supply equipment etc. AERTI products is the national second-class medical device, with many advantages such as silence, intelligent, compact size, high oxygen concentration, economy and durability. It has solved respiratory problems for many hypoxic patients, and is the first choice for high-quality household oxygen therapy devices in China.

Endless Innovation
Advanced production technology    First-class production equipment
Comprehensive detection system    Strict quality management system
Every product produced by AERTI is reliable and trustworthy
Customized Automatic Filling Workshop
Customized Automatic Filling Workshop

The professional automated filling production workshop is equipped with a dust-free, constant temperature, and constant humidity system. Unique automatic molecular sieve filling technology effectively improves the service life and oxygen production purity of molecular sieves, ensures product quality.

Advanced Product Assembly Line
Advanced Product Assembly Line

Advanced fully automated production equipment and first-class production environment have invested heavily in introducing multiple automated production lines, creating an industry wide intelligent production workshop with multiple fully automated production lines. The annual production can reach 200000 units, fully ensuring market supply.

A Rigorous Quality Inspection And Control System
A Rigorous Quality Inspection And Control System

In order to meet the strict quality inspection indicators both domestically and internationally, the independently developed automated production real-time inspection system requires 66 complex inspection processes for each finished product, ensuring that each oxygen concentrator meets factory standards.

Complete Traceability System
Complete Traceability System

It can achieve production and quality control, product batch traceability, raw material source traceability, transportation process traceability, etc., ensuring that each link is error free and providing long-term quality assurance for the product.

Our Technology
A R&D team with 20 years of industry experience, committed to providing better products and services!
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The core personnel of the R&D team come from the Oxygen Production Equipment Group of Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. After several generations of product research and development, the company has effectively combined the extensibility and progressiveness of oxygen production technology, ensuring the stability and reliability of products.

The company's research and development laboratory has introduced the TSI airflow analyzer from the United States, the OXYGEN CONVER Testing System from the United States, and the EMI simulation testing system.

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