Focus on the 5th Western China International Trade Fair | Ertai Portable Oxygen Generator Makes a Wonderful Appearance

Jointly build the the Belt and Road and talk about the health blueprint!Shenyang Aerti Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to represent Liaoning enterprises and follow the leaders of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Commerce to Chongqing to participate in the "5th Western China International Investment and Trade Fair" (hereinafter referred to as the "Western China Fair").

This year's Western China Economic and Trade Fair has focused on excellent enterprises from 40 countries and regions, adding strength to promoting global investment, trade and cooperation, and accelerating the development of the western inland region.

The West China International Trade Fair covers a total of 180000 square meters and has set up 13 exhibition halls in 10 major sectors, including comprehensive image, comprehensive industry, comprehensive trade, and provincial, regional, and municipal cooperation.Among them, the Liaoning exhibition area organized representative enterprises from multiple categories including industrial components, engineering machinery, home furnishings, light industry, clothing, handicrafts, etc. to participate in the exhibition.

As a representative of the oxygen generator brand in Liaoning Province, four products including the AE series, AR series, AM series, and medical grade portable oxygen generators have been showcased by Aiertai Medical.

其中,The medical grade portable oxygen generator is the first medical grade portable oxygen generator with a new national standard registration certificate in China.Its 2.35kg weight, imported core configuration, and pulse technology have received widespread attention from visitors.

Aerti products cover excellent project products such as medical household oxygen production equipment and professional testing instruments, beauty machines, plateau machines, ozone disinfection equipment, dispersed oxygen supply equipment, and multi-purpose oxygen supply terminals.

In the 20 years of involvement in the research and development of oxygen production equipment, Altay Medical has never stopped on the path of innovation and precision research.The R&D team delves into and tackles issues related to flow rate, concentration, silence, volume, lifespan, and safety one by one.

  Portable oxygen generatorAPOC-5  

As of now, the home oxygen concentrators produced by Aerti Medical have been recognized by a large number of users for their characteristics of meeting clinical needs, high lifespan, stability and efficiency, and have a high position and good reputation in the home oxygen market.

For the invitation of this year's Western Trade Fair, Aerti Medical has fully demonstrated its brand strength and product advantages to the outside world, hoping to help more respiratory patients through the platform of the Western Trade Fair.

In the future, Aerti will continue to increase research and development investment, continuously launch products with market competitiveness and growth prospects, seek good news for patients, and contribute to a better life.


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