10th Anniversary of Aerti | Picking up the Light and Pursuing Dreams, Joining Hands on a Long Voyage

Ten years of wind and rain

Ten Years of Spring Blossom and Autumn Fruits


Altay spent over 365 days and nights

Recorded the footsteps of hard work

Compose craftsmanship and original intention with perseverance and commitment

Create one milestone after another with wisdom and courage

Ten Years of Time

We are experiencing unprecedented changes

Accompanied by countless challenges and opportunities

Since its inception, Aerti has always adhered to the responsibility of improving respiratory health and is committed to providing customers with better products and services. Over the past decade since its establishment, Altay has been deeply involved in the respiratory medical industry, expanding from scratch and from small to large, gradually becoming a leader in the industry. Every step we take is solid and steady.

In the past decade, we have only done one thing, steadfastly producing respiratory medical products. After ten years of innovation and iteration, we have broken through numerous barriers and constraints, continuously improving product quality and service level. Focusing on patients and driven by technology, we continuously promote the development and progress of respiratory medical products.

Time is the carrier of enterprise development and the verifier of enterprise stories

There are people and stories in time

Becoming full of meaning due to continuous interweaving

Ten years, in the eyes of some people, may just be a number, but for us Aerti people, this is a part of youth, a time to strive for our dreams.

For the past decade, we have been adhering to the principle of integrity and building our foundation

The concept of building dreams with craftsmanship and forging ahead

The development path of the enterprise over the past decade has not been smooth, but there has always been a group of valuable partners working hand in hand with us to move forward. They are our solid backing, our common witnesses, and even our common developers.

In these ten years, we have gone through countless storms together, but we have never stopped. We support each other, recognize each other, trust and hope for each other, overcome one difficult problem after another, create one brilliant performance after another, and witness the growth and development of Altay together. We will take a decade as the starting point, continuously achieving the value of our partners while exploring unlimited possibilities for each other.

We believe that the future is more exciting than history. Let us move forward with firm steps with the pace of the times, fulfill the corporate mission of "making customers breathe smoothly and living with better quality" and the concept of original intention with craftsmanship. Let us embrace the industry, the times, and the future with full sincerity.


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