Aerti 10th Anniversary Team Building | Singing and Sharing a Beautiful Time Together

Carrying dreams and laughter, Eltai welcomes its 10th anniversary of the Youth League and Party building activities. This event is not only a celebration of the achievements of the past decade, but also a vision and expectation for the future. We embarked on this journey full of surprises and challenges together, leaving unforgettable memories and beautiful moments.

As we drove to the winding mountain road, we basked in the sunshine and felt the tranquility and warmth of nature.

Here, we take a boat through the lake, admire the scenery of the lake and mountains, and immerse ourselves in the embrace of nature. The lake is like a mirror, and the mountains are like paintings, as if in a fairyland. A gentle breeze caresses the face, bringing bursts of fresh air. We held hands, laughed constantly, and shared happiness and emotion with each other.

Standing on the mountaintop, overlooking the beautiful scenery, although it was difficult, we walked side by side, encouraged each other, and finally climbed to the top step by step, feeling the joy of victory. At this moment, we truly felt the strength and cohesion of the team.

At dusk, we gather for dinner, enjoying delicious food and laughter. We jointly participated in the opening ceremony of the previous five-year wine storage, symbolizing the growth and development of our company. Every drop of wine contains our hard work and effort, and every blessing carries our expectations for the future. Everyone raised their glasses and drank freely to celebrate this memorable moment together.

Subsequently, a meaningful bonfire was lit, and the burning flames were like the pride and enthusiasm of our team, reflecting the beauty of the night.

The fireworks show lit up the night sky, and the colorful light illuminated our hearts. We spent an unforgettable night amidst laughter.

The water town is quiet and serene, with the continuous small bridges and flowing water painting a beautiful picture. We relax and enjoy tranquility and comfort in a comfortable accommodation environment.

The next day, we welcomed the warm morning light and enjoyed a hearty breakfast together. After being full, a group photo was taken at the Red Culture Square, leaving behind beautiful memories for the team. Everyone was smiling, demonstrating an atmosphere of unity and harmony.

This team building activity has made us more deeply feel the strength and cohesion of the team. In the wandering of the scenic area and the joy of the water town, we spent an unforgettable time together, leaving behind beautiful memories.

Aerti has experienced countless challenges and opportunities in the past decade, but with the efforts and unity of all employees, it has achieved remarkable achievements. Pick up the light and pursue your dreams, join hands in sailing! In the future, we will continue to work together to create a more brilliant tomorrow!


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